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This page is about learning to use HSMaster and HSScorekeeper. Also it is about feed back from users about things that can be changed to make it easy or better. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • Horseshoe Pitcher (Tuesday, February 21 17 06:51 am EST)

    Thank you for your help supporting our horseshoe software.

  • The Warden (Wednesday, February 22 17 01:59 pm EST)

    Looks like a real good start, nice job.


  • Kevin a green (Tuesday, June 27 17 10:14 am EDT)

    Love the program im still learning on this and showing other how to use it one of things I want to get to do next is the horseshoe scorer part but have something to ask one thing I'm finding out people don't get sanctions because they say they are not good enough but will play in local tournaments I know u can use this program to do this and more less run as a San tournament seams like it might be a easy way to do this with out putting a San number in their than maybe some other players might get san when they find out how all this works even for non San leagues

  • Leon Moore, San Jose, Ca horseshoe club (Sunday, July 02 17 06:51 pm EDT)

    I would like to have a capability to preview Round Robin cards. I know that you can create the the round robin cards and check then there but being able to preview would be a helpful touch, we can preview most everything else, so it is not difficult to do, I would think it would be gooc.

  • Diana (Thursday, August 03 17 09:30 pm EDT)

    Is the shoe count entry in the setup for a doubles tourney per pitcher or the team total? Want to make sure the player percentages get reported correctly to Natstats. Have done this before, but it's been two years. Thx!

  • richard archer (Monday, August 14 17 11:18 am EDT)

    get error code (invalid procedure or argument) when trying to paste from Natstats to import/natstats web page.
    please advise what to do to correct this problem.

  • Rich Altis (Sunday, October 15 17 09:13 pm EDT)

    In league format when I click on Preview Stats nothing happens. I have 79 players with two weeks of stats. If I ask it to print stats it does.
    Rich A

  • Mike Anderson (Wednesday, June 13 18 02:18 pm EDT)

    I receive files from 1 club statistician that when I open them with Notepad appear as one long single line, i.e., they to not appear to be formatted correctly. I have to open them in Wordpad (where they are correctly formatted) and save them as "Plain text files". I can then open them with Notepad and they are correctly formatted. It appears that my lone statistician's Windows default .txt file creation program is Wordpad and my default .txt file opening program is Notepad. Is there any setting in HSMaster that determines the format with which its files are produced?

  • Tom Moffat (Monday, June 18 18 07:41 pm EDT)

    It would be nice if you could create a txt file for the doubles classes like you can in the singles. There is now way now to save the classes that show all the games a person plays like you can in the singles.

  • Richard Altis (Saturday, June 30 18 10:28 pm EDT)

    HS Master tournament doubles, There does not appear to be a way to make a text file for individual players results.

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