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This page is about learning to use HSMaster and HSScorekeeper. Also it is about feed back from users about things that can be changed to make it easy or better. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • Horseshoe Pitcher (Tuesday, February 21 17 06:51 am EST)

    Thank you for your help supporting our horseshoe software.

  • The Warden (Wednesday, February 22 17 01:59 pm EST)

    Looks like a real good start, nice job.


  • Kevin a green (Tuesday, June 27 17 10:14 am EDT)

    Love the program im still learning on this and showing other how to use it one of things I want to get to do next is the horseshoe scorer part but have something to ask one thing I'm finding out people don't get sanctions because they say they are not good enough but will play in local tournaments I know u can use this program to do this and more less run as a San tournament seams like it might be a easy way to do this with out putting a San number in their than maybe some other players might get san when they find out how all this works even for non San leagues

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