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Have you ever see this error before?



This is because HSMaster is not pointed to the right database.

To check this go to setup and then data base.

It should say C:\hsmasterdata\hsmaster.mdb by default.


Adding new players to your data base that are not in natstats?

If you have new players to add that are not in natstats you can add them under players then profile.

Below is where you add them just fill in the blanks across the top. The fields you need to add are First name, Last name, Cat, Card, RGR%, City, and State. After that just hit enter.

Printing in HSMaster.

HSMaster uses the default printer at the time the program is opened.

If you change the default printer you will need to close HSMaster and reopen it.

HSMaster only supports count all in leagues. The tournament side of HSMaster does not have a count all option.

We are working on adding count all to HSMaster.

HSMaster has only been writen for windows so far.

There is no Mac or linux version yet.

Some people have been able to make it work with WINE.