How to make a doubles tournament in HSMaster.


We start by clicking on "Teams" on the left. Next we will make our teams by typing in names for 

each team in the box under Team. Here I have numbered my team names. Next you click on a team

then hit enter and you will be able to add players to the team. To add a player you just find the play from the list below and double click the name.We are playing double so we just pick two 

people for each team.

Next we make a tournament and a class for our event just like we do in singles. But make sure and 

click doubles under format. My tie breaker is Head to head because I am handicaping the class.

Next we click enties and then Doubles. Add the teams by double clicking on them. Put each team in

a class. Take note that the team % is an average of the two players.

Now we make a round robin the same way as singles. Make sure you have the right tournament

then pick the class and click load. Pick your court numbers and then click create pair. It should look like

the picture below. Please note that it will have the two highest average players playing each other.

When you print round robin cards there will be an A play and a B play on each team.