Making a tournament in HSMaster

First click on tournaments on the left hand side. Then fill in all the blanks.

Sanction all the way to director. Then hit enter.

Your tournament will drop below. Now click the tournament and hit enter this will let

you now make classes for your event.

Now you can make your classes I have made two below. Class A is not hadicapped 

and Class B is hadicapped. If you don't use handicaping your tiebreaker should be

Rgr percent. In a handicaped class you have to use any of the other options.

In this case I used head to head. Chmp box is for championship class, NoPA box is for number of

places awarded and check report box is for pulling reports.

Click entries on the left side and then pick the tournament you are setting up.

Now you are ready to pick the people on the left and add them to your event.

After you have all your players added you can set what class they will play in.

After you have done that it should look like the picture below.

Next you click play singles on the left. Then select the class then click load. The next thing that happens

is it lights up the number next to courts. It wants you to put in what court numbers they

will be playing on. In the picture below I picked courts 1,2 and 3 after that click create pair.

It should look like the picture below. Next you can select your other class and do the same

thing again but put them on different courts if need be.

Now you can click on reports on the left then click on entries. Now you can preview your

schedule then print it.

Below is the schedule I have made.

If you are keeping score on paper you can enter each games results into the 

round robin for each class. After you put in the scores make sure and check the box at the end.

When you are done with your tournament you can click on preview in the lower right and then print.

I would suggest checking the box at the top called "Score Checker". This will help you catch any errors.

You see in the lower right side you have a tab called Override Class Rank. This will let you

change ranking of players if it does not come out the way you want it to. Rank is how they are

now, override is where you change what place each player should be. Just change the override numbers

to how you want them to be and click the apply override button. Then when you go to print your reults

they will be the way you have set them here.