Here is how to make the report to send to the NHPA Sec/Tres


To start you change year to the current year in this case it is 2017. You do this for each member

that has bought a 2017 card so far.

Here I have clicked on export then NHPA Membership on the far right.

Next I will pick my state's the two digit code for my charter and the year.

Report is how many you have made this year so one for the 1st and it will

change to the next number by its self. You may have to change the path where the

file is going. We would like it to be C:\hsmasterdata\. Next we will click "Create File."

Then click "Transmitial Form".

As you can see here I have changed the infomation to what it should be. Now 

click  create file 1st then Transmitial Form.

This is where you will find the file you made when you clicked create file. C:\hsmasterdata\.

Now you fill in the charter name and the reporting person. If you have lifetime members put 

in the number of them in this report and change the adult number down by how many lifetime members

you have. So below I have zero lifetime members but if I had two I would change my adult members

down to 113. This is so the money comes out right later on. If everything looks right click print 1st then approve. What you do is include a copy of what you printed with the check you mail in.

This is report number two. You do the same as in report one you click create file then Transmitial form.

In profile I added new people by changing their year to 2017.

Under this report is the new members I am reporting and Year to date

is what I have reported in report one. Now I can click print and then approve.

What gets printed is what is being sent this time.