How to print round robin card for classes.


1st we need to deside how we want to print out round robin cards. In the lower left hand side

of HSMaster there is a button called setup click it.

Next you will have a button called settings on the left side click it please.

Now you are in settings we want to look at setting number 3 round robin cards.

There are 3 setting options you can put in the value box at the end of the line.

One two or three.

Option one is for printing to card stock where their name is on one side and round robin is on the other.

Like what you see below in the two pictures. When printing this way you have to print front 1st.

Then put the card stock back in to the printer and print the back side.

Option two will print one player on one sheet of paper where you can fold it in half.

Option three will print two players on one sheet of paper with just the round robin showing.

Then just cut the paper in half. This is the way we do it at the world tournament.

Down at the bottom there is a tab called round robin cards click it. Then click the print 

button and you will print your round robin cards. Options two and three will look this way.

Option 1 will light up the front and back options for you to pick.