How to put an event into HSMaster from paper and report it to Natstats.

1st go into Tournaments and setup the tournament you wish to add. Make sure and fill in all the blanks.

Then hit enter and it will go down into the list of events. There is no need to make classes.

Next we will click on Entries and double click the people who were in the tournament to add them.

Then just fill in the shoes and ringers each person got in the event.

Now we click on Post the yellow icon on the lower left. Pick our event from the list and click post.

It will look like the picture below. Then if everything looks good we click Create file for natstats.

It will ask you where to save the file I use C:\hsmasterdata for all my files. Then just attach the file to an

email alone with the name of the event and send it to the person in your charter you send stats to or