Here we will talk about the settings in HSMaster.


1st you go to the lower left hand side and click the button called setup.

Next we will click on the setting button on the left.

Setting one and two are for lining up printing on card stock. It will change where your printer prints.

Option three is covered under how to print round robin cards out of your classes.

Option four is if you want to print just the front or back of round robins.

Option five is not used at this time.

Option six should be sent to "N". This is what lets you make a file to send to natstats under post.

Option 7 is for the World Tournament it adds extra warnnings to make sure things are not missed.

Option 8 is for when you use SCCorekeeper in leauge play.

Option 9 should be left as it comes it is used to offest result printing.

Option 10 is for not showing phone numbers in your schedule when you make it.

Most of these settings do not need to be changed unless you need to change how you print your

round robin cards.

The settings you see below is how I use HSMaster to make and run my tournaments.

Any questions about the setting can be sent to or

call Rob Hagman at 612-600-3777.